I DARE YOU TO SPEAK (The Art Of Public Speaking)


Your dilemma goes like this:

The teacher gave you a certain topic that you are going to report in front of the class. Then you were like, ‘What? Why me!?’ together with those butterflies in your stomach.

Are you afraid and scared to death each time you’ve heard anything about talking in front of a crowd? Nervous about the upcoming disaster that might come your way? Or you suddenly feel the urge of rolling back in your cocoon and sulk?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defined PUBLIC SPEAKING as the act or skill of speaking to a usually large group of people.

And what if you have this ‘I-am-scared-of-speaking-in-public’ kind of genes running through your veins, what would you do?

The best thing you can do is to pack your clothes up and run away to a place where no one knows your name and live there forever!

Just kidding.

Seriously, it doesn’t really matter if you were just a beginner or a pro for you to be able to speak in public efficiently. What I’m trying to say is, it is not about how capable you are as a speaker. It’s all about the audience – on how much knowledge they will acquire to the topic you will tackle about.

The question is how?

Learn how to relate your topic into a real life scenario or into something that can be easily understood by the listeners.

Who can appreciate  something they don’t understand in the first place, anyway, right?

Here are some tips:

As much as possible, avoid giving loads of brain-damaging informations for it can only lead to a boring ambience ’cause only rare people love it and we’re not talking about specific people here. In this case, majority wins.

Eye to eye contact would probably help you in gaining audience attention.

Study your topic and love it as your own. Remember the famous line ‘Love what you do and do what you love’? Trust me, it works everytime.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Still have those stubborn butterflies in your stomach?

It is normal to be nervous and that’s true.

But don’t let that nervousness eat your confidence up.

I bet you don’t want to be labeled as pathetic psycho after forgetting your speech and act like a lost child in the mall during the most awaited moment of your life,  do you?

So, smile and don’t stress yourself out. Enjoy and deliver your speech with confidence.

Have a fearless heart!


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