Sorry I’m Just Different

Pointing out on my weakness as if I’m not aware,
Telling everybody things I don’t care.
Calling me names in public for everyone to know,
How stupid I was because I have flaws.

Slapping my face for the sake of humiliation,
Narrow-minded people will do this for no reason.
Are you happy now, causing me so much pain?
For hurting people around you, what will you gain?

No need for guns and knives to kill me,
Your words are enough to tell I’m not worthy,
Laughing at me ’cause you think I’m a fool
Trust me, bullying doesn’t make you cool.

Dear Mr. Psycho Bully,

     I am so grateful that you hate me so much to the point that humiliation is the only memory I had with you. Look at me, I’m stronger now. Thank you for making me a better person and making yourself a lesser one.



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