Renaissance Painters’ Interest in Perspective

‘Go out of your comfort zone’.

We always hear that. But why do we have to go out of the zone we are comfortable with if we are enjoying sipping coffee while sitting on the couch of its contentment?

This topic will teach you that taking risk will take you into a better place of improvement…

RENAISSANCE literally means ‘rebirth’. It is applied to the late 14th and 15th century which is one of the highest moments of civilization. The Renaissance was a period of rebirth for it is a start of man’s new outlook on the world. It is a period of new growth.

During Renaissance, the series of maritime expeditions circumnavigated the world proving it was round and not flat. It was then Christopher Columbus discovered the ‘New World’ which is now known as America and it was also then Ferdinand Magellan landed in Cebu, Philippines in 1521. It was the starting point of colonization era.

It was when that the navigational explorations made by cartographerswere matched in science by the discoveries of Galileo Galilee and Nicholas Copernicus in the field of Astronomy.

It was also in Renaissance Period when the ideal of well-rounded man started. It can be seen through great artists during this period. Example of it was Leonardo da Vinci who was a painter, architect, scientist and mathematician. Michelangelo, on the other hand, who also happened to be a great painter, sculptor, architect and apoet.

These two are just an example of people who are knowledgeable in a number of fields during Renaissance Period. They developed their potentialities fully and showed how much a man can comprehend in his lifetime.

Furthermore, Renaissance was also a period of explorations, experimentations, science discoveries and investigation.

 Artist, during this period was influenced by science so they strove for a more naturalistic portrayal of man and they developed new system such as three-dimensionality. It was then artists began to take a deeper look of the human figure. They became concerned not only with the physical structureof a thing but also with what lay beneath. Artists got interested about the Human anatomy – muscles, veins, sinews.

And with all those technicalities above, what the Renaissance artists, not just painters, are trying to teach us is never be afraid to try different thing for it may be a start of something better.


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